Tumtaster for Safari

Tumtaster is a Safari Extension which adds download links to tumblelog audio posts, so if you like a song you can save a copy and listen to it later.

It changes this:

into this:

Tumtaster for Safari is based on the original Tumtaster by Bjorn Stromberg, which was a script for Greasemonkey, which is an extension for Firefox, which is a web browser that is not Safari.

Benjamin Ragheb converted the script into a Safari Extension.

After installing it, you can make sure it works by downloading these awesome Chambaland mashups to your computer.

Regarding custom domain names. If your tumblelog is using a custom domain name — such as foobar.com instead of foobar.tumblr.com — Tumtaster for Safari might not work on your site. If it doesn’t, and you want people to be able to download audio that you post, send me an email. I can update the extension to include your site.